Sizing Chart

New to vintage clothing? These resources will help guide you to make sure the garment is the size you are looking for!
You can determine best fit by measuring a similar item you already own or measuring yourself with a flexible tape measure or string.
All measurements are taken using this resource as a guideline. 
1. Collar  2. Neck to Shoulder  3. Sleeve Length
4. Shoulder to Shoulder  5. Chest  6. Front Length  7. Sleeve Cuff  8. Hem
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               1.Collar to shoulder 2. Shoulder to sleeve 3. Shoulder to shoulder                     4. Upper arm width 5. Forearm width 6.Chest width 7.Waist width     8.Front length 9. Hip width 10. Sleeve hole width

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1.Shoulder to Underarm  2. Chest  3. Torso  4. Front Length  5. Lower Hips 
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1. Bust 2. Waist 3. Hip 4. Flare 5. Strap to hem 6. Waist to hem
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1.Waist  2. Front Rise  3. Hip  4. Thigh 5. Length  6. Knee  7. Inseam  8. Leg Opening 
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1. Waist 2. Hip 3. Length 4. Hem 
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